Our Vision

We aspire to impart an effective education and innovative learning environment to meet professional opportunities in Information Technology along with the challenges in real world.

Mission Statement

Program Educational Objectives

  1. To set an advanced education method for developing the cognitive strength of students and motivate them to get updated knowledge in the emerging trends in information technology.
  2. To build a Centre of Excellence in education and research in the field of Information Technology, to meet global challenges in computing industries.
  3. To ignite the mindset, skill, attitude and core competence of students to produce graduates with International standards.
  4. To encourage our students to be a good leader by improving their ability in decision making and problem solving along with ethical values.
  5. To update innovative research in IT to serve the needs of industry, government and society.
  1. To provide a strong foundation in basic and advanced engineering concepts, ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science and concepts of Information Technology to solve complex engineering problems.
  2. To enhance the logical reasoning skills of the students for designing optimized solutions in academics and industry.
  3. To develop the ability and talents leading to creativity and productivity in fields and professions beyond the regular curriculum.
  4. To sharpen continuous self-learning ability, students are trained to meet the global demands of industry with ease, to work with multidisciplinary projects in diverse environment.
  5. To sensitize students towards the issues of social relevance, openness to other international cultures and to introduce them into professional ethics and practice.

Program Specific Outcome

  1. Be able to use and apply mathematical foundations, alogrithm principles and computer science theory in the modelling and designing of computer-based systems for providing competent technological solutions
  2. Be able to identify and analyse the concepts and use them for selecting, creating, evaluating and IT based solutions for the society.
  3. Be able to design and develop solutions for an effective information system with varying complexity
  4. Understand best practices, ethical standards and apply the same in the design and development of IT solutions

About The Department

   Information Technology is the root which binds all the branches of science. Our Department inculcates the students with all the latest technology tools and professional qualities. Information Technology helps to give the people a customized software for their hardware to function. The world is evolving technologically and Information Technology is the discipline that lies at the intersection of all scientific and social developments. We carry out research in advanced computing to aid in discovery and innovation that enable friutful contribution in IT and other disciplines.

our clubs

Google Students Club

Computer Society of India

cognizant student club

gnu/linux users group

Coding Club