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Department of ECE


About The Department

"To a common man it's magic, but to an engineer it is engineering"

The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering has given a facelift to ancient technology by keeping pace with the current trend. New technology and communication can improve the quality of life for people moving to the technological extension of consciousness. The technology has paved way for innovation, illuminating ideas, and guarenteed to whip the world into a better place.


Department Objectives


To come forth as a eminent centre in field of electronics and communication engineering by imparting technical and practical knowledge to students in the art of design, analysis of electronic circuits and communication systems, which would propel them to great heights of excellence as an ethically valuable resource person to serve the society.


The department strives

Program Educational Objectives
  • To craft engineers with exceptional technical leadership qualities and Ethical practices to serve the society in progressive manner.
  • To impart fundamental concepts to the students as professionals in design, analysis of electronics and communication equipments.
  • To prepare proficient engineers suitable for industrial environment in the field of electronics and communication engineering.
  • To impart cardinal knowledge to students to make them pursue higher education.
  • To augment the innovative skills of the students in research and development on latest trend and motivate them to continue their professional growth.